or many designers, Illustrator is the go-to software for logo design. This industry-standard software makes it easy to design stunning logos for any industry, any style, and any medium—whether it’s print, video, or digital. Whatever you want to dream up, you should know how to make a logo in Illustrator.

Logos communicate brand values through color and shape. It’s where the verbal becomes visual, and the stronger that visual mark is, the louder the message will become! Whether you’re a first-time Illustrator user or a seasoned pro, I’m here to help you make a logo in Illustrator step by step.

A gorgeous Illustrator logo design is in your future. So, pour yourself a drink, and let’s take a look at what we will be learning.

1. Start with the creative brief
2. Find your keywords
3. Sketch your ideas
4. Refine your work
5. Get client feedback
6. Digitize your sketch
7. Add text
8. Add color
9. Present your logo
10. Export final files

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